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Getting Back Outside Near Retreat at River Park

If you’ve been huddled inside all winter waiting for better weather, then it’s time to get out again and rediscover the outdoors near our community. As you prepare to head out into nature, we offer our top three choices for helping you get out and gear up for the spring season. Find a Trail Nearby We’re fortunate to have a wide range of trails, from biking to hiking, and from in-town to near town, that can give you an outdoor fix. Not sure where to start? Try the website and app! You can rank routes on length, difficulty, and distance from our community. Gear Up for Success One of the most popular sites for outdoor gear-loving die-hards is They offer a no-questions-asked return policy, so if you don’t like something – no problem! What’s more, they have a built-in community of reviewers that test their products in every type of condition; they’re very detailed in letting you know how each product works and if it’d be right for you. Pet-Friendly Forays If you’re bringing your furry best friend along for the trek, don’t forget to also pack the essentials! The folks at will give you the need-to-know necessities – from doggy first aid kits, to snacks and feeding bowls.